Dharma Mountain Zen Center, located in the Grand Valley of Western Colorado, is a Rinzai Zen practice center which offers daily Zen practice in a tranquil, supportive, home-based environment.


Everyone, regardless of experience, background or faith, is invited to join in all or part of our Zen practice schedule, which includes seated meditation (zazen), chanting, walking meditation (kinhin), dharma talks and formal and informal tea. 


Two full sittings are held every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning, and shorter sittings are held all other mornings.


All-day sittings (zazenkai), informal social events and formal Buddhist ceremonies such as weddings, memorials, and Buddhist holiday events are also offered.


The Center is led by ordained Zen Buddhist monks, Seido and Shunko Clark, under the auspices of Rinzai-ji Zen Center and their teacher, Zen Master Kyozan Joshu Roshi.
We hope this site serves as an invitation to visit us and find out more about Zen practice.